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Educational Meetings

  1. Symposiums/Seminars for Regulatory Science Professionals
       Our symposiums/seminars help regulatory science professionals in charge of medical affairs, development, pharmacovigilance and quality, etc. of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to improve ability and pave the way for success. Another aim of our symposiums/seminars is to promote the progress of Japanese regulatory science of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. There are six categories of Medical affairs, Development, Pharmacovigilance, Quality, Medical devices and Education on drug-induced sufferings in our symposiums/seminars. We cover important themes and/or topics, and invite expert speakers from industries, PMDA (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency), academia and MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) for lectures. After lectures, we usually have enough time for discussion to explore the nature of the problems/issues and the way forward.

  2. Lecture Classes on Recent Development of Pharmaceutical Regulations
       Speakers from PMDA, NIHS (National Institute of Health Sciences) and JPMA (Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association) report the results of the latest meeting of ICH. Also, the specialists of MHLW, PMDA and NIHS etc. explain the topics of Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

  3. Technical Trainings on General Test Methods in Japanese Pharmacopoeia
       We hold technical trainings about General test methods in Japanese Pharmacopoeia (e.g. a test method for endotoxin etc.).

(Last update: 14-May-2019)