Special Handling (Cold Shipment , Dangerous goods, and Others)

<Cold Shipment>
We identify some of our Reference Standards need cold chain shipments. Those require strict temperature control during transportation. It will be charged an additional fee for cold chain. Preparation for cold shipment takes us about a week and shipment will be only once a week.

◆Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for more detail

<Dangerous goods>
Some of our Reference Standards are classified as dangerous goods with UN number. We use the carriers who can handle such items in accordance with IATA regulations. It will cost additional fee and the costs will be applied to you.

Some of our Reference Standards are legally restricted and need special handling. It requires certain lead time and additional cost.

Items which need special handling are marked with a dagger(†) in our catalogue below, and highlighted in green in our web product list.
PMRJ Reference Standards Catalog

If you have any request for our products, please send JP Reference Standards Order/ Quote Request Form. PMRJ gives you the quotation with expiration date. The quotation given by us shall not come into existence until the Customer has endorsed and returned it without amendment.

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