Terms and Conditions to supply PMRJ Reference Standards overseas

All sales are subject to, and expressly conditioned on, these Terms and Conditions and the Customer’s assent to these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are controlling and any additional or inconsistent terms and conditions in any acknowledgement, purchase order, or acceptance documents requested from, or provided by the Customer are expressly rejected.

Purchase Orders
The Customer agrees that all Reference Standards are subject to availability. Please note that some shipment is not available depending on the country or region.
Purchase orders may be placed by the Customer in commercially reasonable manner that the Customer and PMRJ determine is appropriate, including facsimile or electronic submission. PMRJ will not accept any order by telephone. All purchase orders are subject to acceptance by PMRJ. The Customer is financially responsible for duplicate orders in the following cases: when confirming orders, not clearly marked as confirming, are sent to PMRJ, or when submitting the same order multiple times.
All Reference Standards prices are on the DAP (Incoterms 2010) basis, with 20,000 (twenty-thousand) Japanese Yen of shipping, handling and packing charges per shipment or on the EXW (Incoterms 2010) basis, by giving us your own carrier account number, and with 9,000 (nine-thousand) Japanese Yen of handling and packing charges per shipment.
Items which need special handling (cold shipment, dangerous goods and legally restricted items) will be charged an additional fee.
The risk of loss of all Reference Standards purchased by Customer shall pass to the Customer at the point of delivery to the carrier. The Customer is responsible for paying all customs duties, taxes, or tariffs levied for importation of the Reference Standards.

Prices and Package Sizes
All Reference Standards prices and package sizes are subject to change without notice.
  1. The latest prices are identified for each item in the list available on our website
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  2. PMRJ will not operate a discount policy.

Payment shall be made in advance by the Customer in Japanese Yen by wire transfer. No credit card is available.
If payment would not be confirmed within 45 days from the date of Invoice, the order would be cancelled automatically. The Customer is responsible for paying the bank charge for the wire transfer, as well as any customs duties, taxes, or tariffs levied for importation of the Reference Standards.

Returns and Cancellations
All sales of PMRJ products are final. PMRJ products may not be returned for exchange or refund. The Customer that refuses delivery or refuses to pay customs and duties charges for exports from Japan are financially responsible for the total cost of the PMRJ products shipped.

PMRJ reserves the right to change the shipping method of any order to meet the importing requirements of the ship-to country. PMRJ will not ship any Reference Standards to post office boxes. PMRJ will not ship any Reference Standards to the Consignee’s address in different country from the Customer’s, or the Consignee and the Customer should have the same company name.
PMRJ will attempt to honor the Customer requests for some of Reference Standards required cold chain shipment. The Reference Standards will be carefully packaged and shipped, however, PMRJ does not accept responsibility for damage to orders shipped caused by loss of refrigeration prior to receipt by the Customer.

Compliance with Law
By purchasing PMRJ products, the Customer agrees to comply with all applicable provisions of any national or local law, and all orders, rules, and regulations, including but not limited to Japanese economic sanctions and controlled substances laws and regulations.
PMRJ products are subject to Japanese export control laws and regulations, and may require an export license or applicable license exception prior to exportation from Japan.
PMRJ products may not be exported or re-exported, either directly or indirectly, to different countries from the Customer.

The Customer shall bear all risk of theft, loss, or damage not caused by PMRJ for all PMRJ products acquired pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. The Customer agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold PMRJ, its officers, trustees, and employees, harmless from all loss, liability, claims, or expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of the Customer’s use of the Reference Standards, including but not limited to liabilities arising from bodily injury, including death, or property damage to any person, unless caused by the negligent or intentional act or omission of PMRJ.

Suitability for Use
The Customer purchasing the Reference Standards must use them for the tests and assays prescribed in the monograph of the Japanese Pharmacopoeia and other official compendia for pharmaceuticals, excipients and food additives. The Reference Standards are analytical reagents and not to be used for diagnostic or drug purposes, or for administration to humans or animals. The Customer must use and store the Reference Standards in accordance with accompanying leaflet.

Force Majeure
PMRJ shall not be responsible for delays or failure to perform, if the supply of the Reference Standards is hindered by occurrence beyond PMRJ’s reasonable control including, but not limited to any act of God, civil commotion, unavailability or shortages of materials.

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