How To Order PMRJ Reference Standards For Foreign Users

Please follow the instruction for ordering the PMRJ Reference Standards.
  1. Please find Reference Standard if it is available.

    PMRJ Reference Standards Catalog  Adobe Format  

  2. Fill in all the necessary information in our Order / Quote Request Form.

    Order/Quote Request Form (MS Word)  MS Word Format   Order/Quote Request Form (PDF)  Adobe Format  

  3. Please send the Order Form by Email or Fax.
    ・Email to 
    ・Fax to +81-6-6221-3459
    PMRJ will reply to you by Email or Fax. We do not accept any telephone orders.
  4. Payment shall be made in advance in Japanese yen by wire transfer.

    No credit card is available.
    Detail bank information is mentioned in our invoice. Please note all bank charges are at your cost.
    If payment would not be confirmed within 45 days from the date of Invoice, the order would be cancelled automatically.

  5. Commission

    DAP (Incoterms 2010) : JPY 20,000 (twenty-thousand)
                                          includes shipping, handling and packing charges.
    EXW (Incoterms 2010) : JPY 9,000 (nine-thousand)
                                          includes handling and packing charges.
                 → Please notify us of your preference carrier account number .

    Some of our Reference Standards need special handling and will be required an additional fee.
    ◆Please refer to Special Handling (Cold Shipment, Dangerous Goods, and Others) for more detail.

  6. Delivery

    Customers shall take all the risk of loss passes to the Customer upon delivery of the Reference Standards to the carrier at PMRJ’s shipping point because PMRJ will not pay insurance for delivery.
    The Customer is responsible for paying all customs duties, taxes, or tariffs levied for importation of PMRJ Reference Standards.

  7. Terms & Conditions

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  8. Information for users

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